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In Tune Retreat. Mindfulness, Yoga And Sound Healing Retreat

28th – 31st July 2022, Devon (UK)

We would love to invite you to join us at IN TUNE residential wellness retreat which we organise this summer. Our bespoke retreats are a wonderful opportunity to rest, recharge, explore deep within and share the experience in the company of beautiful like minded people.

Why go on IN TUNE Retreat?

Discover How To Manage Daily Stress And Tune Out Of The Noise Of Modern Living. Get IN TUNE With Your Inner Buddha… Nourish Your Life, Reduce Stress And Practice Radical Self–Care. IN TUNE with yourself, with others and the world.

Offering yourself some precious space and time to gently (re)connect with your feelings and attune to your internal sounds and the flow, opening to being in the here and in the now to experience life more fully. Learn how to better cope with stress by exploring self compassion and kindness.

We embrace and celebrate diversity, value inclusiveness and believe in mutual respect and kindness as a foundation of human relationships. Our retreats welcome people from all backgrounds, religions, age groups and all levels of fitness.

No previous experience of meditation and mindfulness or knowledge of sound is required and yet equally you are very warmly welcome if you have such experience and/or established practice. We believe there is always something new to learn and discover.

Retreat location

This summer we invite you to a special long weekend in the idyllic lands of Dartmoor National Park (Devon, England) – with daily yoga, meditation, sound baths, mindfulness practice, countryside wandering. We offer cosy accommodation in a beautiful spiritual resort surrounded by nature, away from the hustle and bustle of cities, and with delicious local veggie food.

Join us for beautiful and potentially life-changing experience enhanced by the amazing energies of this magical area.

Make your own long weekend: arrive Thursday afternoon on July 28th and leave fully energised and balanced on Sunday, July 31st. (We may help organise a transport if required)

Why go on our IN TUNE Retreat?

  • You will give yourself an opportunity to relax deeply, to discover the beauty of the sound healing, and bring about long-term improvements in your well-being.
  • You will regenerate the body and calm the mind using daily meditation practice, soothing sound sessions and by immersing in beautiful, tranquil scenery of the local nature.
  • You will learn or deepen your meditation and mindfulness practice. Together we’ll discover how to use mindfulness to better understand your body, mind and emotions and how to transfer it to create fuller relationships with other people.
  • You will experience mindfulness in practice and learn of how to keep bringing its quality into your daily life.
  • You will gain some better understanding and tools of how to keep reducing stress in your day to day life.
  • You will experience your body more fully by practicing yoga, mindful movement, increasing your body awareness, improvising whilst dancing.

What will you experience?

  • Restorative sound baths, various combinations of sound tools will be played – Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls and gongs
  • Cacao ceremonies – To open our hearts and allow for a deeper, authentic connection with yourself, others, and the world.
  • Group meditations and relaxation practices.
  • Mindfulness sessions and workshops.
  • Daily yoga sessions.
  • Conscious dance and body movement improvisation to awaken our physical senses, heal our body, soothe our emotional and mental fields and connect with the vibrancy of life within and around.
  • Bonfire gathering.
  • Delicious vegetarian meals with opportunity for mindful eating practice.
  • Periods of silence and reflection, countryside walks, trips to see the local waterfalls or even for a wild swim in a lake or river.
  • Attendance in all our offered activities and sessions will be voluntary and optional.
    Additional paid treatments will be available at the centre: massages & reflexology.

    Each guest will receive our special Wellbeing Gift Box– containing a quality SELF CARE kit