Like most natural methods,
sound therapy affects our body
on many levels simultaneously

Sound Therapy

Our body is mostly water, which is the perfect conductor of sound waves. Vibrations are transmitted throughout the body by tissues, bones, bodily fluids and they spread to individual organs, which in turn send their own waves on three different levels: body level (physical waves), mind (mental and emotional level) and spirit (energetic level).

In our therapeutic work, we use Himalayan bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, shamanic drums, tuning forks and other sound therapy tools. The treatment plan is prepared individually and adjusted to the client’s needs.

Benefits Of Sound Therapy

Therapy with the sounds of gongs and bowls is recommended for healthy people as a relaxation therapy and for those who struggle with various ailments. Below are only few examples of known benefits of the sound therapy:

  • Supports the treatment of various diseases and stimulates the body to regenerate itself
  • Lowers the level of stress and removes energy blockages
  • Helps with pain management and problems with sleep
  • Supports self-healing processes
  • Affects creative abilities, creativity, concentration
  • Helps in regaining peace of mind, clarity of mind, and self-confidence
  • Regulates the body systems

What Will You Experience During And After Therapy?

  • A state of deep relaxation
  • Enhancement of the self-healing forces
  • Regaining the joy of life
  • Harmony of body, mind and soul

Our services

Individual Sound Therapy Sessions

Individual treatments with the use of various techniques of sound therapy with appropriately selected tools – tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs.

Private Group Session

Group relaxation and therapy with the sounds of gongs, guided meditation, metal and crystal singing bowls, and other therapeutic instruments.

Private Hire

We offer decidated sound baths for corporates and private hire. Email us for more detalis and free quotation.

Sound Baths

Every few weeks we offer you the opportunity to participate in a relaxation concert on bowls and gongs in various venues across Bristol.
Such concert is a group form of relaxation and is often known as a ”Sound Bath”. The participants, lying in comfortable positions, succumb to the harmonising effect of the sound wave, which removes fatigue, regenerates and refreshes the body and mind. Properly selected, delicate and relaxing tones of bowls and gongs bring you into a state of a kind of half-sleep, ensuring deep relaxation, harmonisation and tranquility.

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