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BREATHWORK & GONG BATH – A Journey to Self // Glastonbury

Join us for an immersive and soulful experience of Pranayama & Gong Bath, where you’ll embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery!

Date: 8th October, 3-5PM

Location: The Gables, 83 Roman Way, Glastonbury BA6 8AD

Join Magdalena (Rising Crow Therapies) and Federica (Alula Holistic) for an incredible experience of breathwork and gong bath at The Gables in Glastonbury, UK. This wonderful event will take you on a 2-HOUR long transformative journey to your inner self.

The synergy of Breathwork & Sound of The Symphonic Gongs will take you straight to your Inner Home…

About the Session:

Come breathe with us into the safe space of your bodily emotions. Immerse yourself in the garden of gong sounds that will calm you, and take you to an inner dimension. During our session you will enter a state of deep relaxation and during which you will be able to experience an increased awareness of your inner self.

By practicing breathing regularly, you can restore your health, vitality, energy for life, the spontaneity of action and the ability to think creatively. You will increase the quality of your life in a way you never dreamt of. Reborn into life again. Breath is life!

  • reduce stress, anxiety, anger, regret, and depression.
  • release the emotions and traumas sealed away inside you.
  • deepen your understanding and what you gain from your psychotherapy.
  • experience altered states of consciousness.
  • increase your sense of happiness and satisfaction with life.
  • awaken your self-love.
  • improve your health, improve digestion, and extend your life.

What to Bring with You:

-Water bottle,



-blankets, you will spend most of the time in a lying position.

Tickets only: £25 or £30 at door (subject to availability). Concession tickets available too. Limited places!

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Disclaimer: We reserve the right to cancel any training in the event of severe weather, illness, lack of attendance or unforeseen circumstances. We accept cancellations made up to the 12PM (noon) of the day before the event, but after that time unfortunately we won’t be able to issue a refund.