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A transformative night of gonging

ALL NIGHT GONG PUJA – 25th Nov 2023 – Dorset

Experience the transformative power of sound at our All Night Gong Puja Event on Saturday, the 25th of November.


Gong Puja is a unique experience lasting 7 and a half hours, which is equivalent to 10 x 45 minute baths in the sounds of the gong. This unique experience was created by the Grand Gongmaster – Don Conreaux.

Gongs are very powerful sound tools and their effects are vast. Their sonic depths and washing overtones surround us and work through us to help us to reach a truly relaxed state. They can also bring about true transformation and remove any blockages. Read more about gong puja and brain waves here.


On the evening of the 25th of November, everybody is welcomed to The Theatre, where we set up our sleeping areas, ready for the night ahead. This extraordinary event will begin with the opening of a sacred circle and serve the heart opening tea, creating safe and supportive space for all participants. We will then embark on a guided meditation led by Monika, helping to calm the mind and prepare for the journey ahead.

After an introduction with singing bowls, and other unique instruments, deepening the state of relaxation, three Sound Healing Practitioners shall guide you through this sonic evening. For a mesmerizing 7.5 hours, our practitioners will gently play a variety of gongs, following the traditional Gong Puja format. This format involves continuous playing of the gongs throughout the night, creating a symphony of healing vibrations that will wash over you, promoting deep relaxation, restful sleep, stress relief, and inner harmony.

As you surrender to the soothing sounds, you may find yourself entering a state of profound meditation or experiencing a profound sense of peace and clarity.

We wake up in the morning for a light breakfast snack together, ready and rested, feeling new for the days ahead.

The full event format is below, along with a few practical details.


Doors open at 20:00 and close at 21:00; please ensure timely arrival.

We start at 21:00 by Opening Tea Ceremony.

Next is a short Guided Meditation led by Monika Chumbley (Spiritual Coaching, Christchurch) to help us power up our intentions.

We break around 22:00 to prepare for the night of dreaming and sound journeying.

Gong Puja Ceremony starts at 22:30, and goes on until 06:00 – experience 7,5 hours of sound immersion with gongs, singing bowls, and more led by our three sound practitioners: Marta Przybyl (Sound’n’Soul, Banbury), Magdalena Lesiak (Rising Crow Therapies, Bristol) and Maria Houston (Wellbeing Studio, Rhyl).

06:00 – 07:00 Shunyata (silence & stillness, ‘void’)

07:00 – 07:25 A gentle Waking Concert with chimes & other instruments.

Next is light Breakfast** (will be provided) and an opportunity to chat and share your experiences. Closing the circle.

Depart by 09:00.

**breakfast consists of fresh fruits, granola, vegan milk, croissants, tea and coffee.


Bring anything that will help you to be comfortable, as you will be sleeping on the floor. Yoga mat, inflatable camping mat or a mattress (single size per 1 person; make sure you have an air pump), pillows, sleeping bag, throws, blankets, warm, comfortable clothing, etc. Ear plugs just in case you cannot sleep through the puja, eye mask, and water bottle. We ask you kindly to bring your own mug for tea, and a bowl and spoon for your breakfast of cereal or granola, to avoid using disposable items.

We’ve heaters in the hall, but please be sure to bring warm clothes i.e. socks/slippers/jumpers & anything you will need to ensure you’re nice and warm throughout the night.


There are toilets available in the centre and no showers. Tea, cofee and hot water will be provided all night.

VENUE ADDRESS: Theatre, Gaunts House, Wimborne BH21 4JQ, Dorset, UK.

Whether you are seeking spiritual growth, emotional release, or simply a night of deep rest, All Night Gong Puja Event offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the healing power of sound. Join us for this unforgettable overnight experience and awaken to a new sense of well-being and inner balance.

Limited spaces available.

*Due to the nature of event we suggest no children below 18 years old.